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Baseball cap with waterproof boom microphone by BbTALKIN. The baseball caps are mesh with a snapback adjustable fit.

This is our new style baseball cap with loop side Velcro sewn into the cap strap.  The loop side is on the cap strap and the hook side is on the foam pads. To add these pads, check the box on the right.

This baseball cap headset is designed to be used with our BbTALKIN units.  You plug the boom microphone’s 3.5mm audio cable directly into your unit to establish communication. The microphone and speaker piece on the boom microphone are completely waterproof. The design of the boom microphone allows the flexibility to change out either the microphone piece or speaker piece if it becomes damaged over time.


    Black Adjustable Baseball Cap
    Waterproof Boom Microphone with removable microphone and speaker pieces


    1. Use fresh water to wash all of the headset.
    2. Make sure to rinse the microphone and speaker piece.
    3. DO NOT use high pressure spray.
    4. It is best to submerge in a bucket of fresh water for a through wash.
    5. Hang to dry in a well ventilated climate controlled (a/c) environment.
    6. Over time, the male 3.5 jack on the headset may become corroded.  (dull in color)  Make sure to keep this clean by a cloth or scotch bright.  Do not use any cleaning solution.

    1. Install the plastic clip mount onto the cap. (Mount comes with Advance Unit set)

    Separate the Velcro, install the bottom forks first then the top forks. Make sure the mounting spaces are on the top.

     2. Install the two tabs on the waterproof case into the mounting spaces on the plastic mount. Snap one side down, then the other side down to lock in the case. Make sure both sides of the waterproof case are securely locked into the mount.

    3. Plug in the boom microphone’s 3.5mm audio cable. Make sure the cable is tight and secure. Failure to do so will cause water intrusion into the casing. Any water damage to the unit within the casing is not covered under warranty.

    4.  Make sure after each use that your case is secure and sealed.


    x1: Black adjustable baseball cap

    x1: Boom microphone

520.00 ₪Price
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